First Step

Al Halabi Lounge brings you on a magic carpet ride where oriental dreams come true, tantalizing aromas of faraway lands linger and enchanting melodies of a thousand and one nights fill the air…

Al Halabi is a name of a city in Syria, also known as Aleppo. Al Halabi Lounge has a very personal ring to it because it is also the family name of its owner, Mr Mohyiddin Al Halabi. To him, Al Halabi Lounge is about what he envisions - right from its construction to its décor to its finishing touches. He wants Al Halabi Lounge to be a brand new concept, something different from what Tarbush has been offering. As he affectionately puts it, Al Halabi Lounge is a Tarbush's offspring. It is like a garden for Tarbush, where guests relax and lounge, basking in the Middle Eastern charm.


Al Halabi Lounge is decorated with Moroccan cum Syrian décor where each detail is carefully fine-tuned and custom made. The modern and classic design will transport you back into time to the exotic Middle East where floors are lavishly carpeted, comfortable cushions invitingly await and walls tastefully designed with beautiful and unique Syrian decorations and features. This will include a beautiful fountain or more, where the presence of water will bring a sense of coolness in the lounge.

Famed Middle East finger foods and snacks are served at Al Halabi, nothing too heavy; such as Falafel, Kibbeh, different types of Sambosas and Fatayer – freshly baked pies.

Just Relax

Sheisha is a must, as it complements the whole oriental ambience Al Halabi Lounge has to offer. Myriad flavours of sheisha are ready for guests to pick and choose from. Guests will enjoy their sheisha while seating on comfortable cushions and sofas and being entertained by songs and melodies of the Middle East. There are also plasma TVs showing live Arabic programs, such as the latest Arabic music videos and latest news from the Arab world.

Guests will also have a chance to enjoy Arabic tea, Moroccan tea, Turkish tea and many other types of Middle Eastern teas that will definitely uplift their senses. For those who would prefer coffee than tea, Arabic coffee and Turkish coffee that we serve will undoubtedly become their new favorite drinks.

Cold drinks, like mocktails and other Middle East favorites, like Lemon Na'na (lemon with mint) or mix berry punch, will be served for those who would want to cool off during a hot and humid day.

Is 4 Everyone

Al Halabi Lounge is a favorite not only among the many tourists who enjoy JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton accommodations, but the middle class locals as well who are always looking for something new and exciting to experience and enjoy. Al Halabi Lounge patrons are those who value hard work and wouldn't mind spending a little bit of money to enjoy a retreat after a long, hard and stressful day.

It is a place to be seen, a place to meet and a place to discover unique experiences. Al Halabi Lounge will be the perfect venue to host private parties, be it for VIPs or friends and relatives. So come, and conjure your oriental imaginations at Al Halabi Lounge!